The Future of ECG Monitoring is Here

The CorVitals Platform combines the power of real-time outpatient cardiac telemetry with the economic model of your choice, ensuring maximum clinic value and profitability for your practice.

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Secure and HIPAA-Compliant

Seamless and secure transfer of patient data/reports to your portal, fax, and email for review, signature, and storage.

Reporting Tools

Critical Alerts and End-of-Study Summary Reports can be viewed through your portal. They can be emailed and faxed to you as well. Email Notifications are sent when a report is ready for review.

Flexible Financial Models

Choose from our Split-Bill, Fee-for-Service, or Flat-Rate models. Whichever suits your needs and financial approach to cardiac monitoring. Move between different models at any time.

Evergreen Agreement

No contracts, ever. Monthly agreements you can cancel at any time with no penalties. Any money you spend on equipment is transferable to our next release of technology.

Patients being a priority at Cor Vitals

Top Priority: You and Your Patients

We love what we do and are here 24/7 to support physicians, clinics, and patients. We provide fast, accurate, detailed information to help improve patient care.

24/7 Support for your staff and patients

Critical Alerts delivered to you based on your Notification Criteria

Quick turnaround for Final Reports

FDA-approved lightweight 3-channel patch

Dual-modality capabilities

Modality-toggling technology

CMS-approved economic billing models to maximize profitability

Compliance-friendly tracking system to protect your practice

"We have used so many different companies over the past decade and were frustrated with the same old stuff. The CorVitals team provided us with an entirely different way to monitor our patients and grow our business. We consider them a true partner."

Efficient Workflow

Simple process for office staff

Better Patient Care:

Convenient, easy monitoring session

Flexible Financial Options:

Pick the model that works best for you

Years of experience



1,300,000 +


2,000,000 +

Experience for clinics


Our Technology

CorVitals provides the most comprehensive analytical data, allowing physicians to help improve patient outcomes, while leveraging a financial model that allows for maximum profitability. Learn more about the CorVitals Advantage today.

Best Patient Care with an efficient workflow and flexible financial models.
  • Unfiltered Full-Disclosure so you can see whatever you want, whenever you want. 
  • Dual-Modality Monitoring so you can get more done in one session.  
  • Modality Toggling between MCT and Wireless Event during a session 
  • AI + Awesome Humans = Best analytical review and results 
  • 3 Financial Models for business growth and profitability 
  • Performance Guarantee to remove any stress of losing money or failing.  We’ve got your back!