CorVitals Advantage

CorVitals is an advanced diagnostic platform for remote cardiac monitoring. We offer all 4 modalities on a single patch - including Holter, Extended Holter, Wireless Event Monitoring, and Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT). Outpatient Telemetry is our passion, and you’ll see the huge Advantage by working with us. Our staff watches your patients in real time with the ability to respond to critical alerts based on your Notification Criteria. This provides peace of mind to patients and allows your staff to be more productive as we act as an extension of your practice. We do the heavy lifting behind the scenes and thrive on performing for our clients.

Smart Wearable Biosensors

Doctor looking at cardiac reporting technology

Medical Application

Remote Patient Monitoring

Hookups in the clinic or Mail-Out Program (Home Hookups)

Health and Wellness Management Programs

Unique Technologies

All cardiac events can be reported without delay, increasing the probability of improved patient outcomes with our Critical Alert System utilizing AI and Human overread.

Enjoy the flexibility of Dual-Enrollment Monitoring with Holter studies performed before Mobile Cardiac Telemetry, so you get more data in one session for your patients.

If a session needs to be downgraded or upgraded at any time during the session with our state-of-the art Modality Toggling

Every Beat of the patient’s ECG is monitored 24/7 by our analysts who utilize our FDA-Approved ECG analysis software allowing for more comprehensive reporting.

We see and watch every beat, and so can you through your secure portal with Unfiltered Full Disclosure.

corvitals workflow

Simplified Work Flow

We have developed an efficient workflow that reduces the burden on office staff and provides a more meaningful experience for patients, with a higher diagnostic yield for physicians.

Easy enrollment and activation for staff

Simple, stress-free monitoring session for patients

Comprehensive reports for physicians

Support for billers/administrators

Compliance protection


Our cutting-edge wearable biosensor patch is applied to the chest and provides high quality ECG measurements.  CV solution focuses on providing near flawless and wireless ECG signal continuously for up to 30 days, with most tests not lasting more than 10 – 14 days due to the high diagnostic yield provided on the CV Platform. The clear 3-channel signal is delivered in real time to our servers where dedicated and highly trained analysts review the data.

The patch eliminates the need for chest straps, wrist bands, wires, and other recorders to be worn by the patient. It is easy to use and comfortable at home or on the go.

The Future is Here Today

We combined experience with latest technology and sprinkled in some crazy ideas that could help clinics and patients and BAM! – the CV Solution was born.  No other monitoring company can match our offering, not even close.

As you transition to the CV Platform, you can say goodbye to bulky devices and other corny patches that offer only retrospective ECG analysis weeks after the study has ended.  And no more “batch data transmissions” that almost all monitoring companies employ.

From real-time continuous ECG monitoring with accurate reporting and 24/7 Support for clinics and patients, with Billing Support to the clinics and their billers, and our glorious Performance Guarantee – life with CorVitals is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.  Come join us – you’ll be glad you did.